Cabinet reshuffle: The 3 jobs at risk and the potential replacements


A CABINET reshuffle is due to take place imminently. Here’s what knows so far.

Boris Johnson is reportedly preparing for a shake-up of his top team following Prime Minister’s Questions today. A number of Cabinet ministers could be on the chopping block in the coming days as the Prime Minister dramatically rearranges his front bench after a number of Government scandals throughout the coronavirus pandemic. So who’s at risk of losing their job and who is likely to be promoted?

According to Whitehall officials, a number of Cabinet ministers feel unsafe in their positions.

Last week officials rushed to prepare briefings for new secretaries of state while some ministers — and backbenchers looking for a promotion — cleared their diaries.

Mr Johnson will be keen to keep backbenchers happy going into what is likely to be a difficult winter for the Government due to the resurgence of coronavirus.

It means some of his top team who have faced recent criticism could be on the way out.