Many Christians agree that God blessed them, but not many have the understanding that they are indeed a blessing!

If you’re born again, you’re more than a blessed man or woman: you’re actually a blessing . Looking at the scripture in ( Genesis 12:2-3 ), you’d notice that the Lord didn’t only bless Abraham but also made him a blessing. This isn’t just Abraham’s story; it’s also yours because the Word says “… you are Abraham’s famous “descendant,” heirs according to the covenant promises” (Galatians 3:29 MSG).

If the people of this world knew just how much of a blessing you are, ¬†they’d beat down your doors to get to you. Anybody could receive a miracle from the Lord just by touching you. After all, the Lord Jesus wasn’t conscious of the woman with the issue of the blood touching Him until she had done so (Mark 5:28-29). He was Himself a blessing, and all that anyone needed to do was touch Him in faith and receive a miracle.

Living daily with the consciousness that you’re a blessing will remove every sense of need or lack from your life. How could one who is a blessing think of requiring aid from someone else? How could one who is a blessing suffer with sickness? It’s impossible. The blessings God gave Abraham are now your present-hour possession. You’re a divine package of blessings!