BREXIT UPDATE LABOUR LEADER CORBYN UK election likely before Christmas


UK opposition Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn said there was a strong possibility of a national election before Christmas.

In an interview broadcast on Sunday (October 13), he told Sky News that he was also unlikely to support a deal agreed between Prime Minister Boris Johnson and the European Union.

“If it creates a border down the Irish Sea rather than on the Irish border itself, I can see that bringing problems,” he said, adding that he would caution British lawmakers against backing a confirmatory referendum on a deal.

Britain’s Liberal Democrat party leader Jo Swinson said on Sunday she would not back a government led by Corbyn, saying that the Labour leader was “not fit to be prime minister.”

Jacob Rees-Mogg, leader of the House of Commons, said that Britain’s cabinet would be briefed on the current state of Brexit negotiations at 1145 GMT on Sunday on “how far these negotiations have gone”.