BREXIT UK OPPOSITION UK’s Corbyn offers to work with Conservative lawmakers to stop no-deal Brexit


Britain’s opposition Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn has written to 116 Conservative and independent lawmakers offering to find a way to prevent a no-deal Brexit, he said.

The letter offers to work together to find a practical way to prevent such an outcome, recipients include several former government ministers, such as Theresa May, Philip Hammond and Greg Clark.

Opposition leaders and cross-party MPs also signed the “Church House Declaration” on Tuesday, a legislation that they believe is the best way to avert a no-deal Brexit, rather than a vote of no confidence.

MPs from across nations and regions signed the pledge in Westminster’s historic Church House, to ensure that voice of the people and Parliament continues to be heard through this crucial period.

This comes after Johnson said that the British people were tired of Brexit being on the front pages of newspapers and that Brexit had to be implemented on Oct. 31.