August: Our Month of Intercession


“This Month of August is our Month of Intercession,” Pastor Chris declares at Global Communion Service.

The August 2016 Global Communion Service has been exceptional in all ramifications, stirring faith and reverent worship in congregants around the world. Moments ago, the man of God declared August 2016 to be ‘the Month of Intercession!’

Reading from several scriptures, including Ephesians 6:18 and Galatians 4:19, Pastor stressed the importance of intercession. The man of God introduced the Greek word, ‘synantilambanomai‘, translated ‘helpeth‘ in Romans 8:26, which means ‘to strive to obtain together with‘ or ‘to take hold together with against‘. This word sheds light on intercession as a partnership with God to take the place of another in prayer.

We join the Lord to enforce His purposes on earth,” Pastor said, painting a picture of our prayer exercise in this glorious month. The man of God went on to instruct us, saying “take the place of that one that is suffering or in danger and pray as though it was you in that situation.”

Congratulations and welcome to ‘the Month of Intercession!’