A Glorious End to a Wonderful Session

Degenerative disc disease, other diseases, subdued during third healing service.

The man of God’s entrance into the auditorium elicited a distinct change in the atmosphere, and the intensity of the anointing was tangible. Diseases and diverse kinds of infirmities could not withstand the healing power of God.

With just one touch of the anointing, Lyris is free of degenerative disc disease; she joyfully waved her walking stick in the air, demonstrating her healing. For all in attendance, it was indeed a day for the miraculous. The atmosphere was full of joy and celebration as everyone glorified God for the miracles witnessed.

Pastor Chris taught the congregation on faith as a conduit between the spiritual and physical realms: “Divine healing is spiritual; you can only bring that power to the physical realm by the law of faith. That’s why God always demands faith when you ask for something.”

He also explained that “God wants everybody well. You were created to serve Him, so if there’s a problem in your body, it’s not because God made it so…You’re complete in your spirit, so start from inside and you will have joy unspeakable.”The man of God said, “Come, let me lead you to salvation,” calling many to accept the Lordship of Jesus, and they arose to the call, making a committal of themselves to the Christ Jesus.

Again, Pastor thanked the partners for blessing lives around the world. “When you have an opportunity to bless lives with the Gospel, it’s the best thing in the world, because you’re saving someone’s soul for eternity.”The healing service came to a close with the man of God, Pastor Chris, praying and blessing the congregation. Without doubt, all who were in attendance were filled with joy for all the healing and miracles that were wrought by God’s Spirit at the service.