Lagos Zone 3 Partners Host Mega Food Drive to End Child Poverty

Partners support the InnerCity Mission’s goal to distribute 30 million meals in 40 countries.

Partners of CE Lagos Zone 3 demonstrated their support to the #EndChildPovertyNOW campaign by organizing a Mega Food Drive in commemoration of World Food Day. The food items donated to the Food Bank help the InnerCity Mission in achieving the goal of distributing 30 million meals to indigent children and poor families across 40 countries.

The esteemed Zonal Pastor, Pastor Femi Otenigbagbe, said during the hand-over: “the InnerCity Mission is a platform to express the vision God has given to the Man of God, Pastor Chris, to indigent children, and through the #EndChildPovertyNOW campaign, CE Lagos Zone 3 is connecting with this vision.

Pastors and partners in CE Lagos Zone 3, through this show of kindness, ensure the InnerCity Mission can continuously serve people who rely on its Food Bank for their daily food supply.

The esteemed Zonal Pastor with leaders and partners from the zone.

The #EndChildPovertyNOW Campaign is ongoing; you can be a part of it by donating food Items to the Food Bank or by sponsoring at least ONE hearty meal with as little as $1 here: