2023 is the Year of the Prolific Church, as prophetically declared by the man of God Pastor Chris Oyakhilome during the New Year’s Eve Service.

“The church shall spread throughout the Earth unhindered. The church of Christ shall spread throughout the Earth and this prolificacy of the church in these days shall be as never before experienced because the church shall proliferate to the ends of the Earth. Unhindered,” the man of God added.

The world, tuning into the service, was eager to receive the New Year’s message, as the man of God Pastor Chris announced 3 prophetic major points to focus on this year;

  • First, to prioritise the ministry of the Holy Spirit like never before.
  • Secondly, prioritise the Word of God,
  • and finally learn to use the Name of Jesus in all circumstances.

The man of God Pastor Chris also prophesied how for the world, this Year will be a year of decision, as many will receive their final call to answer the Master, who has been prompting and tugging at their hearts for a while.