“A Meeting of God’s People is a Meeting of DIVINITIES!” — Pastor Chris


Pastor Chris exhorts on new creation realities and the higher life in Christ at Communion Service.

Several hundreds of thousands of people from around the world welcomed the LoveWorld President unto the Global Communion Service screen with an excitement that truly reflected their hunger for the ministrations of the Spirit and the Word.

Pastor Chris kicked off the service by showing inspiring video highlights from the just-concluded Int’l Easter Youth Camp, where delegates from 166 nations assembled for the largest gathering of young people (by country representation) in the world. Still fresh from the inspiration gleaned through the short clip, Pastor Chris also introduced the global audience to highlights from the Healing School Autumn Session. As congregants watch the authority in Jesus’ name used during these sessions, their hearts throbbed with the power of God, many crying tears of joy and gratitude to God.

As the man of God began to share on the difference between worship and praise, while introducing the new worship collection tagged ‘LoveWorld Worship’, an opportunity was opened by the Spirit for him to exhort on new creation realities and the higher life in Christ that made an indelible impression on the hearts of every participant.

“Not one of us is allowed to live in lack; our Heavenly Father has more than enough angels to minister to [us],” Pastor Chris said, delivering absolute truths to the hearts of multitudes in viewing centers around the world. The LoveWorld President went on to say, “a meeting of God’s people is a meeting of DIVINITIES,” reminding God’s people that they are truly royalty, Heaven-recognized kings!

The inspirations of the Spirit were stirred in everyone’s hearts as they listened with rapt attention. No one present will ever be the same!