WESTERN POLITICIANS EVADE NORD STREAM AT MSC – Latest Report involves exposing U.S. military involvement in the Nord Stream explosions

Western politicians have been evasive on the latest report exposing U.S. military involvement in the Nord Stream explosions during the three-day Munich Security Conference that concluded on Sunday.

In an article published by a British newspaper in early February, Seymour Hersh, an American investigative journalist, exposed that the Nord Stream pipelines transporting gas from Russia to Europe were blown up secretly by intelligence agencies and military personnel of the United States in September last year.

He also claimed that the U.S. has neither friends nor allies, and uses alliances like NATO to serve its own interests.

Many German activists hold that Hersh’s report once again indicates the Western accusation that Russia damaged the pipelines doesn’t make sense.

“Damaging or destroying these pipelines does not make any sense. Not for Russia, because it was built to deliver gas from Russia to Europe. And therefore, why should Putin destroy it?” said Falk, a protester in Munich.

Some European scholars have pointed out that once the United States is proven to be behind the explosions, Western narrative will lose the recognition from European people.

Hersh’s article has also aroused widespread attention from German politicians. The German opposition parties have called for a thorough investigation into the pipeline explosions.

Some of them said if the U.S. did blow up the Nord Stream pipelines, it should be considered a terrorist attack.

The leaks of Nord Stream 1 and 2 pipelines happened on Sept 26 when a flurry of detonations triggered four gas leaks at four locations on the pipelines, sending gas spewing to the surface of the Baltic Sea.