VOTE ENDS British junior foreign minister resigns


Education minister Anne Milton has resigned from the government, citing “grave concerns” about Boris Johnson’s support for leaving the EU without a deal.

Ms Milton is the second Tory minister to quit ahead of Mr Johnson’s appointment as prime minister, with speculation of a further exodus before he enters No 10 on Wednesday.

Mr Johnson’s refusal to rule out a no-deal Brexit has caused alarm in Westminster, with a string of senior cabinet ministers saying they cannot serve under his leadership.

The prior resignation of Alan Duncan, a junior foreign office minister who has long been critical of the now PM Johnson, underlines the strength of feeling in the governing Conservative Party and parliament against a no-deal Brexit which many businesses say would be catastrophic for the economy.

His move follows last week’s resignation of Margot James, a culture minister when she described Johnson’s do-or-die promise to leave the EU by Oct. 31 with, or without, a deal as “quite incredible” for going against business organisations.

Philip Hammond, the chancellor, has said he will resign before Mr Johnson takes over tomorrow.