VDL under fire as 95 shocking Eurocrat scandals exposed – damning leaked report


A SCATHING internal report has revealed Ursula von der Leyen’s European Commission has been blighted by fraud and harassment.

Brussels bosses investigated 95 badly behaving eurocrats last year for a vast array of alleged offences, including sending abusive emails, faking invoices and sexual harassment. Despite 84 cases of wrongdoing being sent up to Commission chiefs, just three officials were sacked in 2020. Incredible details of the naughty eurocrats are contained in an internal disciplinary report seen by Express.co.uk.

The 12-page dossier of delinquency reveals 20 officials were disciplined, 11 were handed a warning and 48 got away with no repercussions at all.

One of the few officials sanctioned was slapped with a pay cut after he “provided favours to a company, which was a regular candidate to calls for proposals for EU projects”.

The unnamed eurocrat even helped prepare contract pitches for the firm, where his wife was employed at the time of the misdemeanour.

A second official was sacked after they were convicted of “theft and sexual abuse” and another was docked £516 from his pension each month for a year for “psychological harassment and behaving inappropriately towards employees of a company working for the Commission”.

Most incredibly, one retired official was slapped with a £1,200-a-month pension deduction for two years after sending more than 50 abusive emails.

“He used his private email address to insult and defame staff members of the Commission and the EEAS [The EU’s foreign affairs arm],” according to the disciplinary report.

“He sent 56 emails with insulting and defaming content, which reflected adversely on the reputation, honour and dignity of the staff members.”

One employee was caught filing “misleading declarations” to make himself eligible for the bloc’s hefty expat allowance.

While another was caught providing “false declarations in order to benefit from a VAT exemption for the purchase of a car”

One eurocrat got off with just a slap on the wrist after submitting fake invoices for his child’s school fees in order to receive a larger financial handout from the Commission.

Brussels bosses said they were lenient because of the official’s “particularly difficult personal situation”.

An EU Commission spokesman insisted it “has a strict, robust, fair and impartial approach to disciplinary matters.

“The Commission responds appropriately in case of established breaches of the Staff Regulations.

“Sanctions range from warnings and reprimands to financial penalties or measures such as dismissals and termination of contracts, depending on the gravity of the breach.

“While being first and foremost a service geared towards enforcing ethical rules, the Investigation and Disciplinary Office of the Commission has also carried out activities in the area of prevention, namely awareness-raising and training initiatives.”

Source: Express.co.uk