US BOEING 737 MAX Pilots need new simulator training


Chesley “Sully” Sullenberger, the airline pilot who safely landed a US Airways flight on the Hudson River in New York a decade ago, told a congressional panel that pilots of the now-grounded Boeing 737 MAX should get new simulator training before the plane returns to service.

Sullenberger, who has blasted Boeing and the Federal Aviation Administration for their roles in the two 737 MAX crashes since October that killed 346 people, also said the U.S. system of certifying new aircraft is not working.

His testimony came during a hearing meant to give lawmakers looking into Boeing and the 737 MAX crashes a better understanding of views on the steps needed to prevent similar crashes, particularly given the rising use of automation on airplanes.

Boeing has said that simulator training is not necessary, and is recommending a mandatory computer-based course that explains MCAS and could be completed at a pilot’s home in about an hour, according to pilot unions