UNILEVER TO CUT 7,500 JOBS –  The maker of Marmite announces job losses 

Unilever, the consumer goods firm behind brands including Marmite and Domestos, has revealed plans to cut 7,500 jobs across its global operations.

The UK-based firm, which employs around 128,000 staff, said the proposed losses would come mainly from office roles as technology advanced.

It admitted that the UK, where it has 6,000 workers, would be included in the three-year productivity drive.

Unilever said it would begin consultations with those affected once the roles had been fully identified.

The company separately announced that it planned to spin off its ice cream business, which includes the Ben & Jerry’s, Magnum and Cornetto brands, by next year.

Other options, it added, would be considered to “maximise returns for shareholders”.

So almost a year after announcing record profits in July of 2024, Unilever has announced a productivity drive.