Ukraine declares a state of emergency for ENTIRE country


Ukraine has declared a state of emergency across the entire country today with citizens ordered out of Russia and military reserves called up as Kiev prepares to face down the full might of a Russian invasion.

The move, approved by the country’s security council, grants President Volodymyr Zelensky extra powers such as the ability to declare snap curfews and marks – for the first time – a direct acknowledgement from Kiev that Russia could now attack virtually anywhere at any time.

Ukraine’s border guard service restricted movement around border zones, prohibited video recordings of its forces and banned the use of drones, while all military reservists aged 18 to 60 were called up. Ukrainian citizens were also given the power to bear arms – effectively activating civilian brigades who have been training with the national guard in recent weeks.

It came after Vladimir Putin gave a sabre-rattling address to his troops this morning to mark Defender of the Fatherland Day, praising their ‘battle readiness’ while saying he is assured that they will fight to defend Russian security interests – which he called ‘non-negotiable’. 

UK Defence Secretary Liz Truss warned that Putin is now ‘hell-bent’ on a full-scale invasion of Ukraine with a direct attack on the capital of Kiev ‘highly likely’ to be in his plans.

It came just hours after Biden warned that an invasion of Ukraine is already underway but could quickly ramp up into all-out war, with blood supplies being moved to the frontlines which could be used to treat injured soldiers.

‘This is the beginning of a Russian invasion. You don’t need blood unless you’re planning to start a war,’ Biden declared as he levied sanctions against Russian banks and promised harsher measures to come.

Source: Dailymail.