Ukraine chief explodes at Germany over Russia snub ‘Remember what they did to us in wars’


UKRAINIAN Ambassador to the UK Vadym Prystaiko slammed the Germans for preventing weapons from reaching Ukraine to deter Russian forces and told Sky News’ Trevor Phillips he could not share his true opinion because “there were cameras around”.

Vadym Prystaiko appeared on Sky News to discuss the latest in Ukraine and erupted at the German Government for preventing NATO allies from transporting weapons through the country. Mr Prystaiko was asked for his verdict on the decision and said many Ukrainians “still remember” what Germany did to “our part of the globe”, referring to World War 2. Presenter Trevor Phillips was astonished at the claim with Mr Prysaiko clearing up he did not think Germany could be relied upon to protect eastern Europe from Russia.

Speaking to Sky News, Mr Prystaiko was asked for his opinions on German authorities blocking weapons being sent to Ukraine.

He remarked: “These cameras around are not allowing me to say what I think about Germany now…

“We’re talking about both of the world wars and both of them were in our part of the globe.”

Mr Phillips noted it was quite an “accusation” to make towards Germany that they would repeat what they did during WW2.

Mr Prysaiko explained Ukraine was hurt by the Germans “the most” during the conflict.

But he cleared up his argument and said: “What I said is that if I have to listen from somebody about things like Ukraine not being given the weapons to defend itself.

“The Germans would have to stay at the very end of this very long, long line of our European partners.”

Mr Phillips said Ukraine could “not rely” on Germany with Mr Prysaiko saying he could rely on economic sanctions.

Ultimately, the ambassador said he did not see Germany as “serious” in the situation.

Germany has come under fire after it has blocked several NATO allies from transporting weapons through its air and land.

Estonia was blocked from providing military support to Ukraine after Germany refuses to issue permits for German-origin weapons to be exported.