UK PM GERMANY – Chancellor Merkel welcomes PM Theresa May


Britain’s Theresa May struggled to get out of the car as she arrived in Berlin to ask Germany’s Angela Merkel for help on the Brexit Withdrawal deal

With a waiting official at first unable to open the door, May’s delayed exit was fitting to the delayed key Brexit vote in the British parliament which she suspended a day earlier, acknowledging she would lose it.

Britain’s parliament will vote on whether to approve May’s Brexit deal before January 21, her spokesman has now said.

Without an approved deal, the options for the world’s fifth largest economy include a last-minute plan B – probably struck in 2019, another EU referendum – the “People’s Vote”, a national election, an exit without a deal or even No BREXIT, despite world’s from ministers to the contrary.  

What matters now, is what will have the support of the House of Commons and most favour Remain.