UK-GERMAN FRIENDSHIP IMPORTANT TO LATE QUEEN King Charles says during Berlin visit

King Charles spoke of the “warmth of the friendship” between the United Kingdom and Germany, saying in his first state visit abroad since ascending the throne last year that it was a friendship which mattered greatly to his mother, late Queen Elizabeth II.

King Charles III spoke about the warmth of the friendship between our nations and by the vitality of our partnership in countless areas, at a state banquet in the German capital hosted by President Frank-Walter Steinmeier.

Charles, who succeeded his mother Queen Elizabeth upon her death in September, had been due to travel first to France, but canceled that part of the tour due to violent social unrest there.

The fact that Charles had picked European powers France and Germany for his first state visit, even before his coronation in May, was an important “European gesture,” said Steinmeier, who called attention to March 29, 2017, when the United Kingdom invoked Article 50 of the Treaty on European Union (TEU) to begin its exit from the bloc.

“Today, exactly six years later, we are turning over a new leaf. We look ahead under changed conditions – but still together,” Steinmeier said