Twenty Labour councillors quit party in protest at leadership


Twenty Labour councillors quit the party in protest at leadership

Twenty Lancashire Labour Council members have resigned in opposition to the national leadership of the party. They have asserted that Labour’s selection procedures are unjust and that the party “wants to control anything that any councilor wants to say.”

Pendle Borough Council’s ten Labour members, including the leader, as well as the Labour members of Nelson Town Council and Brierfield Town Council in Lancashire, will all serve as independents.

“In the last few weeks, there has been a culture developing from the national Labour party that seems to want to control anything that any councilor wants to say,” Pendle council member Mohammed Iqbal stated. Or, in cases when the party at large appears to control who gets to stand where and when, notwithstanding the existence of honorable, hardworking council members who have long served the community.

Iqbal had previously faced an 18-month suspension from the party due to allegations that he had made antisemitic remarks during a meeting. “I joined the Labour party over 30 years ago and have always been encouraged to speak out on issues,” the councilor, who refutes the allegations, said to Granada TV. Some members of the party have criticized the Labour leadership over their stance on the Gaza crisis.

Labour’s national campaign coordinator, Pat McFadden, stated on Tuesday morning “I fully understand why people feel strongly about this issue and that everybody is allowed to have their views.” Tens of thousands of people have died as a result of what we witnessed on October 7 and what has transpired in the six months that have followed. Throughout this entire ordeal, we have stated three things.

He stated that a “better future for the Palestinian people,” an ongoing truce, and the return of captives were Labour’s three goals in the conflict.

“If someone decides to leave, that is something to be regretted,” McFadden responded when asked about Iqbal’s exit. “But what I am focused on is the 2,000+ Labour candidates who will be standing in the local elections in a few weeks.”

In May’s elections, four council members will run for reelection; candidate lists will be made public by April 4.