Trudeau Refuses To Meet With Truckers While Conservatives, Liberals In Parliament Call Out Hypocrisy


Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is demanding protesters go home as three border crossings are now blocked and supporters continue to flock to Parliament to join the Freedom Convoy.

Ottawa Police threatened to physically remove protesters on Thursday even as all tow truck operators are refusing to move any vehicles connected with the convoy, saying they stand with the truckers. There have also been threats of mass arrests and criminal charges.

Meanwhile, conservatives in Parliament introduced a motion to move toward ending mandates. All the while, Trudeau blamed truckers for problems actually caused by vaccine mandates and COVID restrictions. He continued to push vaccines, which appear to be ineffective against Omicron

Bergen continued by questioning Trudeau’s intentions. She asked if he is suggesting that unless 100 percent of Canadians are vaccinated, he’s not even going to consider opening up to lifting restrictions. The prime minister failed to give a clear answer.

Meanwhile. Joe Biden said he’s closely monitoring the situation as rumors of a similar convoy in the U.S. grow and American businesses feel the effects of the border blockade.

Source: Oann