Trudeau is accused of bringing ‘martial law’ to Canada with his declaration of emergency


Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has been accused of bringing ‘martial law’ to Canada as he invoked the rarely-used Emergencies Act on Monday to bolster police presence across the country to crack down on Freedom Convoy protesters.

Under the Emergencies Act, the government introduced measures intended to cut off protesters’ funding and took steps to reinforce provincial and local law enforcement with federal police.

Fox News host Tucker Carlson was among commentators saying Trudeau had gone too far Monday, during a slot with on-screen graphics saying: ‘Trudeau’s new move sounds like martial law.’

‘Canada became a dictatorship today. It actually did,’  Carlson said on his show Monday night.

He pointed out that instead of meeting with protesters, Trudeau ‘fled the city and then from his bunker, he called the truckers Nazis.’

‘When they still didn’t leave the city, Justin Trudeau suspended democracy and declared Canada a dictatorship,’ Carlson said.

Carlson added that what’s happening in Canada right now does not qualify as an emergency, as he showed footage of protesters dancing and singing in the streets in Ottawa.

‘According to Justin Trudeau, everyone you saw in that tape is a terrorist — even the kids in their bouncy castles,’ Carlson said.

‘Justin Trudeau revoked their civil liberties and authorized men with weapons to haul them to jail.’

‘So again, all of these people can now be arrested on sight simply because of where they’re standing,’ Carlson said Monday. But ‘being arrested is the least of their problem,’ he said. ‘An arrest suggests bail, you can get out of jail. You can’t get out of the country, Justin Trudeau has just made.

He explained that under martial law, ‘Trudeau has the power to force banks to seize their bank accounts, and insurance companies to cancel their insurance.’

That means they can’t actually live in Canada,’ he said. ‘They are nonperson. They are enemies of the state — and they will be crushed.’

‘The blockades are harming our economy and endangering public safety,’ Trudeau said at a news conference on Monday. ‘We cannot and will not allow illegal and dangerous activities to continue.’

But the Canadian Civil Liberties Association said the government had not met the standard for invoking the Emergencies Act, which is intended to deal with threats to ‘sovereignty, security and territorial integrity,’ the group said.

The ‘Freedom Convoy’ protests, which started by Canadian truckers opposing a COVID-19 vaccinate-or-quarantine mandate for cross-border drivers, have drawn thousands of people opposed to Trudeau’s policies.

Protesters camped in front of the Canadian Parliament, some of whom want the prime minister to meet with them, said the latest steps were excessive.