Total Experience, Sri Lanka Christ Embassy UK Zone 1


It was quite the site to behold for the saints here on earth and the Heavenly hosts as over 650 people rushed toward the altar to surrender their hearts to Jesus at CE UK Zone 1’s ‘Total Experience‘ program in Sri Lanka.

he multi-religious nation of Sri Lanka has been recorded to have Theravada Buddhism as one of its primary faiths. However, this did not stop the people from falling in love with Jesus as the Gospel according to the BLW Nation was preached by Zonal Pastor of UK Zone 1, Pastor Tony Obi. Over 3,000 people from 4 different cities converged to hear God’s Word preached, and they did not leave as they came.

The entire meeting, which held on Friday, July 23, was translated into the 2 most widely spoken languages of Singala and Tamil, and BLW ministry songs were translated as well so the people could worship with understanding.

As Pastor Tony gave words of knowledge concerning various ailments, he mentioned a man that had been paralyzed due to stroke. Upon ministering to the man, who came in unable to walk, he was completely healed and left the auditorium running and praising God. It was a meeting that saw an avalanche of miracles, and the brethren look forward to even greater exploits in Sri Lanka.