Tory rebellion: Rishi Sunak pulls rug from under Boris Johnson in high stakes meeting


RISHI SUNAK called for a “united front” within the Conservative party after warning there will be a “tough autumn ahead”.

The Chancellor and Boris Johnson met with the influential 1922 Committee following the Prime Minister’s appearance in the House of Commons. Mr Johnson was reported applauded by the Committee as each “triumph” was met with a cheer.

However, amid reports of growing tensions within No10, Mr Sunak told Tory MPs that he “takes lead from the Prime Minister”.

He said Mr Johnson is the “leader of our party and the country” and said the party owes him its loyalty.

But the Chancellor pulled the rug from under Mr Johnson after admitting there will be a “tough autumn ahead”.

According to reports, Mr Sunak said party disagreements are likely but they need to remember that they are a team.

He called for the party to put on a “united front” to the public.

This comes amid reports the Chancellor and Prime Minister were at locker heads over whether to break a manifesto pledge and rise National Insurance Contributions.

Mr Johnson’s proposal to raise National Insurance rates will break his 2019 manifesto promise.

Under a heading titled “Boris Johnson’s Guarantee” and bearing his signature, Mr Johnson wrote: “I guarantee we will not raise the rate of income tax, VAT or National Insurance.”