Taiwan: Rescue efforts continue after earthquake


Taiwan: Rescue efforts continue after earthquake

Taiwan is undergoing rescue operations following a strong earthquake that occurred off its east coast on Wednesday and left at least four people dead. The city closest to the epicentre, Hualien, had several buildings fall as a result of the 7.4 magnitude earthquake.

The island’s mountainous interior was rocked by massive landslides as a result of the largest earthquake to strike in 25 years.”The earthquake is shallow and occurs near land. It is sensed throughout Taiwan and the offshore islands. The director of Taipei’s Seismology Center, Wu Chien Fu, declared that it was the strongest in 25 years.

Three people have died on a route around Taroko National Park, which is named after a famous gorge not far from Hualien, according to the National Fire Agency. According to the agency, there have been over 50 injuries, with some victims being stranded in buildings and tunnels throughout the city.