SNP accused of spending £600,000 on ‘propaganda’ campaign


SNP ministers have been criticised for spending more than £600,000 on a “propaganda” campaign which experts said was designed to fuel their push for independence rather than help vulnerable Scots.

Nicola Sturgeon’s Government used taxpayers’ money to launch a major nationwide advertising blitz on TV, radio, print and social media to promote a website they claimed would offer “lifeline” support to those struggling with the cost of living crisis.

However, critics denounced the online resource, which only directs users to other websites including several run by the UK Government, as “threadbare”.

Paul Baines, a professor of political marketing at the University of Leicester, said he believed the campaign had instead been devised to plant a political message.

The adverts present the SNP Government as caring and offering help in areas that are actually the responsibility of UK ministers.