REFORM UK’S FARAGE LAUNCHES ELECTION BID Pledges to ‘Fight for Downtrodden’

Nigel Farage, who helped champion Britain’s departure from the European Union, launched his candidacy for parliament in the English seaside constituency of Clacton  promising to be a voice for the “downtrodden” and “ignored”.

Farage had previously said he would not stand in the July 4 vote to help Donald Trump fight the U.S. election later this year. But on Monday (June 3) he made a surprise U-turn in announcing his election bid and took over the leadership of the right-wing Reform UK party from Richard Tice.

Speaking to a crowd gathered in Clacton-on-Sea on Tuesday, to cheers of “we love you, Nigel”, Farage said Prime Minister Rishi Sunak’s Conservative Party was “finished”, and pitched Reform UK as Labour’s opposition.

Although Farage has stood unsuccessfully for parliament seven times he is still one of the most influential British politicians of his generation, putting pressure on a succession of prime ministers to take tougher positions on the EU and on tackling immigration.