Rausing family donates 16 million pounds to help UK fight against coronavirus


Hans Rausing, grandson of the Swedish founder of Tetra Pak, and his wife have donated 16.5 million pounds to charities and other groups supporting Britain’s health service tackle the coronavirus outbreak.

The Rausings said they had given 5 million pounds to the National Health Service Charities Together national COVID-19 appeal which provides wellbeing packs for staff and helps pay for accommodation and travel expenses.

The money comes on top of 2.5 million pounds pledged to other charities last week and a pledge of 9 million pounds over the next six months for other causes related to fighting the virus.

“The Covid-19 Appeals launched by organisations such as NHS Charities Together provides immediate support to the well-being of the NHS staff who are at the forefront of this national emergency,” the Rausings said in a statement.

“All its staff and volunteers within the NHS are making huge sacrifices every day to care for those unwell and this is a rallying cry to inspire others to support these national heroes and provide vital support for those in need.”

Rausing is the son of billionaire industrialist Hans Rausing who helped turn Tetra Pak into one of the world’s biggest food packaging companies.

Source: Reuters