POLAND FARMER PROTESTS BLOCK ROADS NATIONWIDE “We should be in the fields now,” Polish farmer says

Polish farmers on Wednesday staged tractor blockades on roads nationwide in their latest protest against farm imports from outside the European Union, in particular Ukraine, and the bloc’s environmental regulations.

The farmers have been blocking border crossings with Ukraine since last month to protest what they say is unfair competition from goods from Ukraine since a duty-free deal was announced by the EU in the wake of Russia’s invasion.

Earlier this month they held a demonstration in the capital Warsaw attended by thousands that devolved into clashes with the police, with over two dozen people detained.  “Throughout the country today more than 580 protests are planned, with nearly 70,000 people estimated to take part,” Polish police said in a statement.

The farmers are notably blocking access roads to Warsaw and other big cities including Vrot·swaaf, Poznan and Bid-goshed.

“We are primarily fighting for the abolishment of the Green Deal,” said one farmer, 57-year-old Slawomir Miesak, referring to the European Union’s policies aimed at helping the bloc meet its climate goals.  “That’s the priority. And we also want the closure of the border” with Ukraine, he told AFP while protesting in the town of Zakret outside Warsaw.