Pastor Chris Specially Recognizes Staff Members for Ideas and Innovations


President of LoveWorld Incorporated presents awards to staff members for the Ideas and Innovations executed in the year 2018

At the prestigious LoveWorld Presidential Staff Awards ceremony, the following distinguished individuals were awarded for their contribution of extraordinary ideas and innovations implemented in the year 2018:

1. Pastor Omoh Alabi – For the Hope Relief Mission to 3 Nigerian States

2. LoveWorld Media Productions Department – For providing higher transmission capacity & excellent Digital Transmission of Data at the LoveWorld Convocation Arena and the LoveWorld Conference Center

3. Pastor Yemisi Kudehinbu – For organizing the Rhapsody Partners’ Prayer Network, which started this year and has over 40 Million Partners

4. Directorate of Corporate Affairs – For establishing the LoveWorld Global Community of Practice for Lawyers, Politicians, Civil Servants, Servicemen etc. with over 1,000 Members

5. Pastor Daba McDuke – For the idea of the LoveWorld Call Center Information Management System during Your LoveWorld Programs

6. Pastor Bisola Adeyemi – For the Research, Development & Enhancement of the Picture Quality of our Flagship programs

7. Pastor Yemisi Kudehinbu – For the idea and organization of the epochal Rhapathon

8. Pastor Daba McDuke & Pastor Uche Okocha – For the idea of the Online Soulwinners’ Congress, which held in May 2017, via the Soul Tracker platform with over 32,000 individuals in attendance

9. Pastor Omoh Alabi – For organizing the Skill Acquisition Program for School pupils

10. Sister Amaka Daniels – For pioneering 10 regional translations of 24 hours main ministry programs on television stations

11. Pastor Deola Phillips & Pastor Oghenero Odeniran – For organizing the Global Ministers’ Classroom with Pastor Chris with a record participation of 6,260,388 ministers from 233 countries

12. Pastor Yemisi Kudehinbu – For the Big Picture, Rhapsody of Realities Kids Illustrative Children’s Bible

13. Pastor Francis Chukwu – For the development and release of Let’s Pray – a first of its kind reference book on prayer

14. Pastor Elo Ojomone – For the idea of the LoveWorld Communion Wine and Wafers

15. Pastor Daba McDuke, Brother Kunle Kehinde & Pastor Esosa Owoyemi – For the idea and Production of Faith Proclamations with Pastor Chris Volume 1 and its development and impact

16. Pastor Israel Oyakhilome – For several innovative efforts to enhance staff productivity through the Staff Welfare Unit.