Pastor Chris Celebrates God’s Soldiers at ICLC 2019, Presidential Awards


ICLC 2019 Presidential Awards honors valiant soldiers on God’s #1 agenda in an atmosphere of glits and fanfare.

The Presidential Awards at the International Cell Leaders’ Conferences with Pastor Chris has come to be a major highlight of the global convergence, seeking to mimic the glorious day of our Lord Jesus Christ when His special saints — those involved in God’s #1 business of soul-winning — will “shine as the stars in the firmaments!”

Highly Esteemed Rev. Tom Amenkhienan celebrates his award


Every moment of the awards ceremony served to achieve two noble purposes: to commend soul-winners and spur them to accomplish more for the Lord; bringing many to the light of the gospel. As such, every presentation and ministration in music and arts, served to communicate the Father’s special place for soul-winners.

Testimony Jaga stirs the atmosphere with an electrifying performance.

The man of God, Pastor Chris, welcomed delegates to the glamorous evening with a divine charge, reminding them that they are irreplaceable to God. He admonished them to be resolved to do more with the Gospel they have received. Through the night, as the exploits of soul winners were celebrated and award recipients called out to receive their trophies, the passion for the Lord Jesus that results in soul-winning filled everyone’s heart.

The highly esteemed CEO, Pastor Deola Phillips, holding up a well-deserved award.

What a night of glory it was for everyone present! Stay tuned to LoveWorld News for the announcement of winners at the ICLC 2019, LoveWorld Presidential Awards!