Pastor Chris Brings Order to the World on Your Loveworld Specials

Your Loveworld Specials (Season V, Phase II) to beam live on all Loveworld Networks and various internet platforms.

Every time God seeks to promote His people, He brings order into their midst; God’s Word brings order, beauty, and great delight. Gear up for the ever-insightful Your Loveworld Specials with Pastor Chris (Season V, Phase II). Get ready to be immersed in the effulgence of God’s glory in this 4-day Word diet beginning Monday, February 21st to Thursday, February 24th. The much anticipated global telecast will be live on Loveworld TV Networks, the Loveworld News SuperUser Live story on KingsChat, the Live TV mobile app, Alpha TV, Ceflix app, designated ministry websites, and various social media platforms.

In this phase of the Your Loveworld Specials expect to be launched into new and higher realms of the knowledge of God’s Word resulting in remarkable victories in the days ahead. It’s a time of order in the spirit and there’s going to be undeniable changes in your life and in the world because the time of change is now. Expect to be baptized in an oasis of hope, faith, and testimonies amid a turbulent world.

“This is a new season because it’s a short time, we have but a short time before the King comes back. We have but a short time before the rapture of the church. We’ve got to do what we’ve got to do now because it’s a short time,” the man of God remarked, as he called on everyone to participate in this momentous event. It promises to be a time of earnest prayers and answers, heartfelt worship to God, profound revelations from the scriptures, and awesome testimonies.

This is your time; the moment you have been waiting for. Join billions around the globe to receive and celebrate God’s Word guaranteed to propel you to greater levels of fellowship and impact in your Christian walk.