Straight Up: I Hate My Skin Colour-S1-EPISODE 05


One of the biggest insecurities a lot of young people in the world deal with today is the issue of being unhappy with their skin colour. Find out more on this episode.

Straight Up Episode 5

One comment on “Straight Up: I Hate My Skin Colour-S1-EPISODE 05

  1. Anna Rata on

    This is an interesting topic; a very broad and dynamic topic with various facets to it. However i feel that this was discussed on a surface level, rather one dimensional. Where are the facts? What was the angle to this? I enjoyed the guest experience but i feel like she was at one point, relegated to the background.
    Also the focus of discussion is seemingly limited to a particular group or part of the world.
    Sadly a lovely topic but the discussion did not do it justice. All in all a good attempt at addressing this topic.


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