Nicola Sturgeon leaves GMB fans furious over restrictions imposed on children ‘Disgusting’


NICOLA STURGEON left viewers of Good Morning Britain furious on Monday’s edition of the show as she spoke about the restrictions which will stay in place for children as Scotland moves beyond Level 0.

Nicola Sturgeon, 51, joined Ben Shephard, 46, and Kate Garraway, 53, on Good Morning Britain as Scotland’s First Minister talked about all lockdown restrictions being lifted north of the border. As the country moves beyond Level 0, the politician urged members of the public to remain cautious as she stressed the battle with coronavirus is far from over. However, those watching the ITV show at home weren’t happy when Sturgeon explained how some restrictions will stay in place, particularly for children in a school environment.

The First Minister explained individuals will have to still wear face masks in certain indoor settings and events despite Level 0 coming into place from Monday, August 9, 2021.

Sturgeon added when children return to school in a few weeks, they will also have to ensure their mouths and noses are covered.

Although 16 to 17-year-olds are now being vaccinated in Scotland, the politician stated most young people won’t be protected from Covid-19.

Explaining her stance, Sturgeon said: “Some people ask me, ‘Why do young people still need to wear face coverings in schools where there are some other settings where that’s not required?’

“Of course, young people, for now, remain unvaccinated and unlike nightclubs, where people have a choice whether or not they go to, that’s not the case with schools.”

“There is something quite unique about the school setting,” Sturgeon continued, emphasising children in school still haven’t been offered the chance to have the vaccine.

The politician added: “So keeping some basic precautions there for a bit longer as schools return strikes me as sensible.

“It’s certainly the clinical advice I’ve got but of course, we don’t want to see young people having to do that for longer as we deem as necessary.

“We’ll review it carefully and regularly,” the First Minister explained, meaning face coverings might not be needed for too much longer.

Viewers took to Twitter to voice their outrage at the proposed plans, with one writing: “Disgusting from Sturgeon about kids having to wear masks in school #gmb.”

Another posted: “@GMB @benshephard @kategarraway Would love you go ask why #NicolaSturgeon is making kids wear masks in classrooms but not in crowded nightclubs!”

A third remarked: “#gmb keep kids safe!! What a laugh, it’s to keep the fear going. Kids have no threat with this virus.”