Miracles at First Service of Healing School Summer Session

Diverse kinds of diseases healed as Pastor Chris ministers to the sick at the Healing School.

The atmosphere became supercharged with the anointing as the man of God, Rev. (Dr.) Chris Oyakhilome, entered the auditorium and began to minister to the sick with grace and power. After 6 years, Maria was freed from osteoarthritis, tendonitis and depression as the man of God laid hands on her.

High blood pressure, sinusitis and osteoarthritis became history for 69-year-old Gary Hughes when Pastor ministered to him by the power of the Holy Ghost.

All in attendance were in awe of God’s amazing grace, and they glorified the name of the Lord more than ever as they watched the Word come alive. Those who had come in to the service sick and in pain were completely changed, and they marveled at the wonderful transformation that had taken place in their lives.

Testimonies of victory by the Word from past Healing School students.

Many have had their faith rekindled as they listened to awe-inspiring testimonies of several people who were specially touched by the power of God at the Healing School.Philomena Mensah is a 39-year-old lady from Canada, who had been diagnosed with fibroadenoma, a medical condition that put her through a lot of pain. She attended the Healing School, and the Word of God caused a complete turnaround in her situation. Today, she testifies to the goodness of God in her life.

53-year-old Bascilica Marjan’s life was shadowed with hurt and anguish; for 32 years, she had lived with severe osteoarthritis and high blood pressure. Her search for a solution brought her to the Healing School where she was healed and her life changed forever after the man of God ministered to her.

Ruth Wolframe shares her testimony of total restoration and liberation from hearing loss, visual impairment, whiplash and degenerative disc disease. At the Healing School, the man of God ministered to her and declared her free, and she is indeed free to live in divine health.

Lynetta Davis, 59, testifies of total restoration ever since she got healed of fibromyalgia and carpal tunnel syndrome. Now, she can use her hands without any pain, and there is no more depression, fatigue or weakness; her life is back to normal with no discomfort whatsoever.For 17 years, Geneva Graham suffered from heart disease and arthritis of the spine; frequent back pain and constant weakness marred the quality of her life, until she came to the Healing School. She was healed and restored when Pastor Chris ministered to her at a healing service in 2014.