Making a music video is an exciting way to launch your music career if you are a beginner, or build your fan base if you are already an expert in this field. More important than releasing an audio file is the video file in recent times. These days, even if you are unable to make a video, a dedicated fan can lay your music with a simple montage of pictures and lyrics and before you know it, you are on a video social media platform and trending. However, if you would like to beat them to it, it is better to plan as an artist, to release your video yourself first.
Here are some of the things you must put into consideration when contemplating making your music video.
It hardly matters what video you are interested in making, LoveWorld TV can make them better than you can imagine. However, we have set start prices for the 2 major categories music videos fall into. This price is our post-production cost. Which is strictly what it will cost us to edit your video and put in any finishing touches. It is not the total cost of the whole production, as that depends on other factors as discussed previously. However, your budget must be up to a certain level before embarking on making a video.
Here are our set prices:
    Lyric videos have become the smartest, cheapest and easiest way to introduce your music to the world without spending so much on a full blown production and cast. Lyric videos depend heavily on text and graphics and are very eye-catching. A good lyric video depends on the total concept of the video and how much footage you include with the graphics.

    Here are two lyric video examples showing different concepts:

    Unlike a lyric video, a performance video could be a normal dance video or a short action movie. The concept completely determines how exciting, innovative or creative the video would be and this, in turn, determines the Total Price of the Video.
    Here are three video examples with different concepts:

Our start price mentioned above is an estimation pending on some important factors that can make your video more expensive but of a better quality. These factors will determine how much your Total budget would be:

  • Your concept: There are several creative options you can choose when coming up with an idea for your music video. If you come up with the concept yourself, you could save money on hiring our production creative services. However, it could take a lot longer to develop a professional storyboard which could affect the time and efficiency of the entire production.
  • Make Up: It is always advisable to hire a professional makeup artist to create an exceptional look for you.
  • Location or Venue: This is normally one of the most expensive things you need to budget for. Venues can be very expensive to hire and even some free venues require you to upset a few bills before they can be used.
  • Transportation: Even though your friends might be willing to feature in your video for free, they may require some financial assistance to get to your chosen location so this should be included in your budget. Also, moving your props and equipment to your location and back should also be budgeted for.
  • Props and Wardrobe: Your choice of Props or Costume makes your video look either high end or unprofessional. It is not enough to pick up clothes from your wardrobe, or your best friend's car, you have to really decide what works best with your concept and go all out for the best. Remember to budget for the prop masters and stylists who will help put your props together.
  • Production Equipment: Here are a few equipments you should expect to use - Top-of-the-line professional cameras such as 2K or 4K or Red Cameras to mention a few, Lights, Dollies, Jibs, Cranes, Power generators (just incase you decide to shoot in a desert etc). Video Production Equipment are very expensive. £2000 can easily be spent just hiring a high-end camera or a few lights, so be sure to budget for them.
  • Cast and Crew: This falls into 2 simple categories, people creating the video and people in the video. You can get volunteers to perform in your video, maybe a dance group from your church, family members, friends from your work place or community. However, it is always better working with professionals who can deliver an award-winning performance. Getting the wrong people to feature in your video will affect its overall quality. For the Crew, You will definitely need skilled and well-trained professionals who know how to handle the equipment you have hired for your video. This is non-negotiable.
  • Food: It is very important to make adequate arrangements to feed the cast and crew who are involved in marking your video. Video production takes a lot of time and stamina. To get the best and most efficient production, food must be provided for in your budget.
  • Post-Production: Editing the video involves a lot and can take weeks to complete depending on how complex your concept is. Bringing all your recorded footage together, mixing the camera's, colouring, adding any special effects, texts and continuity can make your video take longer to complete than expected. However, unlike the other factors that do not have specific price tags, LoveWorld TV has fixed editing and post-production costs as shown earlier. So if you want a Lyric Video, it would cost £600 and for a Performance Video, it will cost £800.
  • New Release Posters or Promo: We are able to make posters or promos to help promote or announce the release of your video on various social media. The cost for these can be easily negotiated, depending on your concept.
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