MACHESTER CITY VS ARSENAL-Rodri: Manchester City beating Arsenal to the Premier League down to’mentality’ as Pep Guardiola’s side wins fourth league title in a row

The Spanish midfielder scored in City’s 3-1 victory over West Ham, securing Pep Guardiola’s fourth league title in a succession. Arsenal finished two points behind City.

Rodri even said that Arsenal’s decision to settle for a draw against City at the Etihad Stadium on March 31 was the reason they lost the title.

The accusations come despite the fact that City has yet to defeat Arsenal in three meetings this season, while Guardiola’s team has also gone winless in two games against third-place Liverpool.

When asked how his team achieves such constant success, Rodri told Optus Sport: “To be honest, I think it’s in here,” referring to his skull. “It’s a mentality.

“Arsenal also deserves to win the league; they had an incredible season, but I believe the difference was in here [points to his head again].

“When they came here and faced us at the Etihad, I saw them and thought, ‘Ah, these guys, they don’t want to beat us; they just want a draw.'”