Living with Grace


Grace is the lifting power of God which makes you accepted, preferred, and celebrated everywhere you go; people just love you and choose to favour you. Some folks don’t know this, and that’s why they wallow in self-pity,thinking people around them don’t like them. You must learn to put the Grace of God in you to work by being conscious of it and making the right confessions.

The grace of God will attract the right people and resources you need to function in God’s destiny for your life. This doesn’t necessarily mean everyone will like you, but every well-meaning person will. Look at Jesus: He was full of grace and truth and multitudes followed Him (Luke 5:15, John 1 :15-17). Even little children came to Him and He never turned them back. When grace works in you, you’ll never have experiences of depression;rather, you’ll exude a divine aura that attracts the right people and creates the circumstances that favour you.

You need not struggle to be accepted at school, at home or anywhere else! Just recognise that God’s grace is upon your life. Instead of saying, ” Nobody like me,” change your confession to “Everyone I meet like me, because God’s grace is at work in my life.” When you’re conscious of the grace of God working in you, even those who envy you will notice and not be able to ignore or deny that there’s just something excellent and beautiful about life.