Labour MP rubbishes Raab comments on Christmas party at Number 10 as ‘nonsense’


Shadow attorney general Emily Thornberry has addressed mixed messaging around the nature of a Number 10 Christmas party that allegedly took place during last year’s restrictions.

On Dominic Raab saying that police don’t investigate breaches from the past, she told Kay Burley: “What a load of nonsense”.

She also pointed out there is an investigation into a party in Ilford that took place at around the same time.

Also speaking on Sky News today, Mr Raab denied a party at Number 10 ever took place last Christmas.

“Well you hear both things… ‘there was no party’ and then you hear ‘well if there was a party, it kept to the rules’… you can’t have it both ways,” Ms Thornberry told Kay Burley.

“The evidence we are hearing in the papers today is that civil servants were there, it was a civil service, it was a staff party at Downing Street.

“If it quacks like a duck, if it smells like a duck, it’s a duck,” she added.

Source: Skynews