Labour commits to full Tory childcare expansion plan


Labour commits to full Tory childcare expansion plan

According to Bridget Phillipson, the shadow minister of education, Labour will not take away any benefits that have been promised to families “in the future”.

In the budget for the previous year, the government declared that all children in England under five would henceforth get free childcare.

The expansion is being done in three phases, with the last one starting in September 2025.

Working parents with children between the ages of three and four were previously eligible for 30 hours of free daycare; however, this was reduced to 15 hours per week if at least one parent had more than £100,000 in income.

Working parents with children under two years old are entitled to free daycare for 15 hours starting on April 1 and for nine months starting in September of this year.

In the third phase, which begins in September 2025, qualified parents will receive twice as many hours of free childcare each week—30 hours total.
Labour had declared that the expansion “would not be reduced” in the event that the party wins the general election that is anticipated to occur in 2024.

In October, the party also ordered a review of childcare, which was headed by Sir David Bell, a former senior member of Ofsted.
Last month, Ms. Phillipson stated on the BBC’s Newsnight program that Labour would not support the £4 billion plan, claiming that the government ran the risk of “crashing the childcare system” if there were insufficient spots available for parents with struggling childcare providers.

Education Secretary Gillian Keegan attacked, claiming a Labour victory would “put the scheme at risk.”