Klopp believes wrong attitude will be Liverpool’s ‘biggest enemy’ in title chase


Klopp believes the wrong attitude will be Liverpool’s ‘biggest enemy’ in the title chase

Liverpool will not concentrate on increasing their goal differential against Sheffield United, according to Jürgen Klopp, since having the wrong mindset would be “the biggest enemy” at Anfield.

No team has given up more goals in the Premier League this year than Liverpool’s rivals on Thursday, and with the narrow margins in the battle for the championship, goal differential is an important consideration for all three of the competitors. However, Klopp maintains that winning against Chris Wilder’s bottom-of-the-table team is his first aim and that he won’t let his team become complacent by thinking about the margin of any victory.

The Liverpool manager responded, “No, definitely not,” when asked if goal differential will come up in his pre-game talks. “I don’t care about the outcome right now; I just want to win the game first.

However, data points to Liverpool, the second-highest goal scorers in the Premier League, having plenty of chances to raise their goal differential against the most vulnerable defense in the league. In nine games this season, Klopp’s team has had over 25 shots on goal, seven of which have come from December onward.