Jürgen Klopp demands Liverpool ‘reaction’ in Merseyside derby


Jürgen Klopp has called for a “reaction” from Liverpool when they face Everton on Monday night to reignite their season. Klopp’s side have picked up one point in their past four Premier League games, leaving them 10th.

After last Saturday’s 3-0 loss at Wolves, Klopp spoke to the squad on Sunday to discuss their form. The visit of Sean Dyche’s Everton offers the perfect opportunity to bounce back.

“After the game we played against Wolves, we have to show a reaction again,” Klopp said. “I know our people want to see that – we have to show that. This is not a time we wanted to have or a time we are happy to be in but I think it is a time where we can show, if we want to, that the club is really special.

“The boys delivered a lot of great moments in the last few years but in this moment we are fighting to change the situation in a better direction. I believe the better you behave in the lower moments the quicker you get in the better moments again and the more success we have because we are still together.”

Liverpool have lost one of the past 27 Merseyside derbies. The squad were given two days off at the start of the week to give them a break from the intensity of their situation. “You can train every day but it is not beneficial,” Klopp said. “We did the analysis, we talked to each other and then gave them two days off because it is a very long time between Saturday and Monday. On Sunday after we spoke about everything, I thought it makes 100% sense if we don’t see each other for two days and it was helpful. I left on Sunday in an average mood and came back in a good mood.”

Asked whether the team looked primed to provide a response, Klopp said: “Definitely, absolutely, all the signs are there but when I say that I know people will: ‘Say show it on Monday’ – and we have to show it on Monday. Aggression is there, determination is there, readiness is there, concentration is there – so far a really good week.”

Source: The Guardian