Julian Assange is well enough for extradition, US Government tells the High Court


Julian Assange would be able to “resist suicide” if he was extradited to an American prison, representatives of the US Government have told the High Court.

The US are challenging a judge’s decision made last year that ruled WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange should not be extradited over health fears.

District Judge Vanessa Baraitser had ruled that there was a real risk Assange would try to commit suicide if sent to the US.

But the US are now trying to challenge that assessment and are applying to get the medical evidence of Neuropsychiatry expert Michael Kopelman dismissed or given a low weighting.

Professor Kopelman, of Kings College London, concluded last year that Assange had autism, recurring depression and was at high risk of suicide if extradited.

Clair Dobbin QC, for the US, told the High Court that there is a “need for anxious scrutiny” of Assange’s reported mental health.

She added: “ It really requires a mental illness of a type that the ability to resist suicide has been lost.

“Part of the appeal will be that Mr Assange did not have a mental illness that came close to being of that nature and degree.”

Source: The Guardian