IRAN NUCLEAR DEAL ISSUES Iran ready to work with EU


President Hassan Rouhani was quoted as saying, that Iran is ready to cooperate with the European Union on issues related to the nuclear deal it agreed with world powers in 2015.

He made his comments at a meeting with Josep Borell, the head of the EU’s foreign service, who travelled to Iran to try to reduce tensions in the Middle East after the U.S. killing of Iranian military commander Qassem Soleimani last month.

Iran began reducing its commitments under the nuclear deal last year to put pressure on the parties remaining in the accord to protect its economy from U.S. sanctions and allow the Islamic Republic to gain the full benefits outlined in the deal.

Britain, France and Germany, which with the United States, Russia and China agreed on the deal with Iran, declared Iran in violation of the 2015 pact last month and launched a dispute mechanism under which the matter could be referred back to the Security Council and U.N. sanctions reimposed.