HALF of all French adults ‘set to REFUSE Covid jab’ after Macron’s anti-vax scaremongering


HALF of all adults in France are set to refuse a Covid jab after Emmanuel Macron’s scaremongering about the AstraZeneca vaccine.

Anti-vax websites and platforms in France have attracted thousands of followers and the most recent polls reveal that half of the population may refuse a jab, according to reports.

Scaremongering from European politicians, including French president Macron, about the Oxford-AstraZeneca jab has led to a low uptake in Europe as it lags behind the UK.

Many adults in Europe are now cancelling their appointments after finding out they would receive the Oxford vaccine.

It comes despite new findings showing just one shot of the British-made jab slashes older people’s risk of being taken to hospital with the disease by 94 percent.

But Macron has claimed the Oxford vaccine “doesn’t work” on those over the age of 65.

Speaking at the end of January, Macron said: “The real problem with AstraZeneca is just that it doesn’t work as expected, because there we have very little information.

“Today, everything suggests that it is almost ineffective for those over 65, and some say over 60.”

And the latest polls show that a staggering proportion of French adults may now refuse the jab, Sky News reports.

French health sociologist Dr Caroline De Pauw said the scepticism in France comes from past health scares – particularly the hepatitis B jab in the 1990s.

“At the time there was the scandal that linked the vaccine with cases of multiple sclerosis,” she told Sky News.

“And suddenly, a link was made which has since been denied by all health authorities, including independent medical authorities, because of links with the pharmaceutical industry.

“And France has trouble going beyond this issue of hepatitis B and links with the pharmaceutical industry.”

She added: “When we do international studies we see that indeed the French are the ones who have the most doubts about vaccination. For example, the English are much more pro-vaccination than the French.”

A woman in Lille told Sky News: “It’s kind of in our culture.

“The French are always very reluctant to take drugs, vaccines, all that. But I find it a shame that people are refusing.”

Source: the Scottish sun