GREENPEACE WARNS EU LEADERS Ahead of summit Time is Running Out {AS}


As European Union leaders were expected to discuss their carbon emissions goals at a summit in Brussels, Greenpeace activists sent a warning that “time is running out” on climate.

A compromise was emerging on committing the EU to net zero carbon emissions by 2050 late on Wednesday, diminishing the risk of a veto from those most reluctant, including Poland.

Late on Wednesday evening, Greenpeace activists projected an animation showing a bomb-shaped earth ready to explode on the European Commission building with messages in several EU languages reading “Climate Emergency”, “Time’s running out”, “EU act now”.

A majority of the European Union’s 28 members have signed up to the goal of going carbon neutral by mid-century ahead of a two-day summit of EU leaders, hoping to lead by example at this year’s U.N. climate talks in September abandoned by U.S. President Donald Trump.