God-given Opportunities


The scripture in Proverbs 14:12 says ” There is a way which seemeth right unto man, but the end thereof are the ways of death.” It’s not every nice opportunity that presents itself that’s the right one. The Bible shows that someone can head in the wrong direction while thinking he’s right for following it. And as long as he’s on that road, since it’s not God leading him, he’s certainly going to end up in trouble.

Lot found himself in this dilemma. In Genesis 13, a natural opportunity presented itself to him. Abraham had asked him to choose where he would rather go, after the land where they lived had become too small for both of them. Lot immediately jumped at the opportunity of going towards the “flourishing” gardens of Sodom, instead of asking Abraham, God’s Prophet, “Where should I go?” In the end, Abraham ended up a thousand times greater, but Lot lost everything and ended up in a cave(Genesis 19:30). God doesn’t want you to live like this- a life of “trial and error.”

This is why you need His guidance in your life. Recognise and act on God-given opportunities alone, and not be misled by your senses. Natural opportunities may look very appealing, but refuse to act on them. That they come your way doesn’t mean they’re from God. Let the Holy Spirit guide you in all your choices; always consult with Him and don’t run ahead of Him in making your own decision before telling Him about it. Pray and listen to God’s voice first before you grab such opportunities. That way, you’ll only accept God-given opportunities!