Global Communion Service Testifies to Latter-Church Glory in Inspiring Videos


November 2018 Communion Service kicks off with testimonies of God’s power at programs with Pastor Chris.

The November 2018 Global Communion Service with the man of God, Pastor Chris, has been a celebration of all the Lord has done in this special year of the supernatural, particularly in recent months.

“Indeed, this is the glory of the latter house,” the esteemed Reverend Tom Amenkhienan, said in response to inspiring video highlights from the Lagos Zone 5 Finance Convention, as well as the Leaders’ and Partners’ Conferences in Ghana and South Africa. The global congregation has bubbled over with effervescent joy and inspiration, hearing excerpts from the revelations shared by the man of God at these programs and witnessing the miracles of God’s power.

The ongoing service has also been a time of immense worship, as witnessed in the first few words that proceeded from the mouth of the BLW President. Prayers of thanksgiving, as led by the highly esteemed BLW Director of Church Growth International, gave the brethren an opportunity to express their gratitude to God.