GERMANY ASSANGE Calls to grant political asylum to Assange in Germany


To some, Australian-born Assange is a hero for exposing what supporters cast as an abuse of power and for championing freedom of the press and free speech, but to others, he is a dangerous figure who has undermined the security of the United States and has too many ties to Russia.

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has said the UK government should not extradite Julian Assange to the US, where he faces a computer hacking charge. Mr Corbyn said Assange should not be extradited “for exposing evidence of atrocities in Iraq and Afghanistan”.  

There have also been calls in Germany to offer Mr Assange political asylum there.  Left-wing German MP Sevim Dagdelen said,  “Julian Assange uncovered war crimes committed by the United States in Afghanistan and in Iraq where U.S. soldiers in an attack helicopter shot at civilians in Baghdad, among them two  Reuters journalists.