German nursing home sees outbreak after vaccines


Fourteen residents at a German nursing home have tested positive despite receiving two vaccine doses. Markus Söder has warned against lifting Germany’s lockdown too soon. All the latest COVID news.

Local officials in the district of Osnabruck, Germany, said there was an outbreak of the UK variant of coronavirus at a nursing home in Belm.

The outbreak came despite all of its residents already receiving two doses of the BioNTech-Pfizer vaccine, with their last shot on January 25.

A local goverment spokesperson said 14 residents tested positive for the virus at the end of last week.

None of them showed any serious symptoms associated with COVID-19. It is unclear exactly how and when the residents became infected, officials said.

The news came as South Africa suspended its vaccination campaign over revelations that the Oxford-Astrazeneca vaccine had limited effect against the South African variant.