FOREIGN SECRETARY JEREMY HUNT A name has been given to Christian Persecution called Christophobia


Anti-Christian persecution should be called out with the label “Christophobia”, Jeremy Hunt has urged, as he vowed to accept the recommendations of a report into the issue whether he becomes prime minister or remains as Foreign Secretary

The Foreign Secretary and Tory leadership hopeful said he was not convinced that Government efforts have “reflected the evidence” that it is Christians “who frequently endure the heaviest burden of persecution”.

Mr Hunt made the comments at a press conference alongside the Bishop of Truro, whose independent review, published on Monday, looks at the Foreign Office response to the persecution of Christians.

Referring to the report, the Cabinet minister said: “It says that for too long governments have preferred the vague language of general condemnation, rather than face the specific problem of anti-Christian discrimination and persecution.

Mr Hunt said Christians were thought to be the target of around 80% of all acts of religious discrimination or persecution.